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Boost product sales and service and make Direct Mail ADvantage your one-stop shop for direct mailing solutions!

Since September 2005, Direct Mail ADvantage has been working to help promote local businesses with affordable direct mail. Direct Mail ADvantage is Northwest Indiana's local cooperative coupon envelope that puts the power of the mailbox to work for you.

Each ad is custom designed with your logo, artwork and an attractive offer to ensure a positive return on your investment! Our envelope is mailed to 50,000 homes in Porter County 8 times per year.

The local focus of the DMA envelope has great consumer appeal and offers great savings for area residents.

Why Advertise with Direct Mail ADvantage?

  • create awareness
  • reach new potential customers
  • maintain your current business
  • professional, custom-designed ads
  • affordable, pennies per household
  • trackable, include an incentive offer
  • target your market
  • eye catching glossy envelope
  • proven media, consumers prefer direct mail
  • personable customer-friendly service

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