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This is what our clients have to say:

"Beckie and her staff are great!! We love how they keep us informed of our upcoming deadlines!! DMA has proved to be the best and most effective advertising for the money. Brown Tire receives more positive customer feedback from DMA mailings/coupons than most other forms of advertising; including the newspaper!"
Todd Gazdich
Brown Tire

"The quality of the artwork is amazing! The artwork they design for us is outstanding! And very easy to work with. Becki is great! Her knowledge of Direct Mail helps us get the most out of our ad. The ease of working with DMA is very easy. With a simple phone call all the work is taken care of. DMA is one of our best performing coupons. If DMA would mail 12 times a year, we would be the first to sign up!"
Joe Feller
Heinold & Feller

"Quality of design & artwork; Good quality
Customer Service; Great Service
Effectiveness of coupon; The coupon was very effective for our office.

Carla Brink, D.D.S.

" Quality of design & artwork; Excellent Work
Effectiveness of the coupon; We track every month. Very effective tool to reach households."
Mike Lovings
Lovings Heating & Cooling

"We constantly see a flood of coupons come in from DMA, we even get complements on the designs. For the price DMA is a real deal, it's well worth the advertising money for the revenue we see in return. I would highly recommend DMA to anybody looking for an increase in revenue, increased awareness, and increased foot traffic to their business. We truly appreciate the local business knowledge and care we receive from a Valparaiso Company."
Philips Ace Hardware

"Have advertised with DMA for 7 years. Very professional. The artwork they create is phenomenal and very eye catching. The coupons have been very successful for our company. This has helped us gain many new customers."
Tiffanie Rich
Maglish Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric

"Return ratio of revenue spent. Return is very good".
"Seems very detailed and clean in appearance for ease of reading"
Steve Dill

"As a small business, our advertising dollars are very precious.  It was a huge gamble when we tried direct mail for the first time.  However, after so many bad experiences with advertising, we were pleasantly surprised at the quality of  the ad and the response was fantastic.   It really helped us to brand our name.  We have been doing the same advertisement for years now.   Honestly, it is one of the only advertising methods that produces consistent results."
Shannon Burhans
The eStates Jewelers

"Beckie is so great to work with. She is always looking out for our best interests."
Eric Spillers
Aurelio's Pizza
Valparaiso, IN

Quality of Design and Artwork

"The design & artwork is very crisp and professional. I like the fact that DMA is very easy to work with. Just give them an idea and they will give you several options and work with you until you are satisfied."


"Very good and professional"

"Bright and to the point!"

"Artwork is always done to our specifications, deliberate and precise."

"Great and willing to work on it until your happy!"

Customer Service

"DMA's customer service is excellent. They are always easily accessible to answer any questions and concerns. They send out early reminders for new mailings and always follow up on deadlines."



"Very easy to contact with any questions or concerns"

"Great customer service"

Ease of Working with DMA

"Super Easy!"

"Very convenient"

Effectiveness of the Coupon

"Consistent Return on our Dollar."

"I have recommended their marketing to others and will continue to use them in promoting our business."

"The return on investment is outstanding. When I see customers coming through our door with coupon in hand month after month, know the response has exceeded our expectations."

"One of the best I ever had"